How to Add and Manage Subscriptions

The Subscriptions service on allows you to purchase products on a recurring schedule with automatic payments. The subscription service will allow you to:

  • Add an entire shopping cart as a recurring order (subscription) on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. You will not be able to add individual items to the cart from the product pages only an entire cart from the cart page.
  • Remove items from the subscription from your “My Account” screen.
  • Suspend (put on hold) your subscription at any stage.
  • Cancel your subscription at any stage.
  • Add another shopping cart to an existing subscription.

These step by step instructions shows you how to purchase and manage a subscription from the website. If you have a question that is not covered below please contact us.

01 Add Products to Your Shopping Cart

Begin by adding products to your shopping cart. When you are finished adding all the products you wish to purchase, click on either the cart icon in the top right hand corner of the screen or the View Cart link in the side cart that appears on the right after adding a product. Please note: you cannot add a subscription from the checkout page – it has to be done from the cart page.

02 Select Your Subscription Plan

From the cart page and below the list of items, select the subscription plan that you would like to purchase. You have the option to have the items in your cart delivered every week, every 2 weeks or every month.

When you have selected the subscription plan, review your cart totals and proceed to checkout. Continue to fill out the checkout page like you would with a normal purchase. The delivery day that you select on the checkout page will be the day that the subscription will be delivered on each week, fortnight, etc. The payment renewal date will be the same day each week, fortnight etc. that you place your order. Example: if you place your order for a weekly subscription on the Sunday for delivery on Monday, your next payment renewal will be on the following Sunday and delivery for the following Monday.

For monthly subscriptions, the billing and delivery interval is one month. If you create a monthly subscription on the 2nd of February for delivery on the 3rd of February, your next payment will be charged on the 2nd of March for delivery on the 3rd of March.

03 Managing an Existing Subscription

You can view your existing subscriptions by clicking on My Account in the menu bar (you may need to log in first if you do not see the My Account link).

From the My Account screen, click on My Subscription from the menu on the left to view your subscription(s).

From the Subscriptions screen, you can see the next payment date, the items in the subscription, and other details related to the subscription. You also have the option to cancel or suspend the subscription (this will place the subscription on hold and no further payments will be deducted until the subscription is reactivated). You can reactivate your subscription by clicking on Reactivate from your my subscriptions page. 

To remove items from the subscription, click on the x symbol next to the item(s) that you want to remove. You cannot remove all items, at least one item must remain in the subscription. Your subscription totals will be updated with the new subscription renewal amount and your next payment will be deducted at the new amount.

Note: you can remove items from a subscription at any time, however those changes will only affect future renewal orders. Any orders already paid for and processed will not be affected by the change.

04 Adding a Cart to an Existing Subscription

If you want to add items to an existing subscription, you can do so by adding the items to your cart. When you have finished adding all the items you want to include in the existing subscription, click on the cart icon again (or the view cart link from the side cart that appears on the right). From the cart page, select the subscription option that runs on the same schedule as your existing subscription. For example, if you have an active weekly subscription, select Deliver every week.

Still on the cart page, scroll down until you see the text “Add this cart to an existing subscription“. Click the checkbox next to this text and then click the Add button.

You will see the next payment date and the new total that will be applied to the renewal order. Note: If you do not see the option to add to an existing subscription check that you have selected the correct subscription plan (it must be on the same schedule as your existing subscription).

? Will I Get a Reminder Before My Next Payment?

Yes, the day before your renewal order processes and payment is deducted, you will receive a reminder email. You will have time to make amendments to this order before it renews. Please check your junk box if you do not see this email.

? Why Can’t I Use PayPal for Subscriptions?

Unfortunately, PayPal is not supported for subscriptions at this time. You can use your credit card with our Stripe Gateway Connection for subscription renewal payments.

? Can I Have More Than One Subscription?

Yes, it is possible to have multiple subcriptions running on the same schedule or different schedule to existing subscriptions.

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